Precursors Of Category Theory • 1

A few years back I began a sketch on the Precursors of Category Theory, aiming to trace the continuities of the category concept from Aristotle, thorough Kant and Peirce, Hilbert and Ackermann, to contemporary mathematical use.  Perhaps a few will find these notes of use in the current context.

Precursors Of Category Theory


Now the discovery of ideas as general as these is chiefly the willingness to make a brash or speculative abstraction, in this case supported by the pleasure of purloining words from the philosophers:  “Category” from Aristotle and Kant, “Functor” from Carnap (Logische Syntax der Sprache), and “natural transformation” from then current informal parlance.

— Saunders Mac Lane, Categories for the Working Mathematician, 29–30.

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8 Responses to Precursors Of Category Theory • 1

  1. By the bye, have you encountered Leo Corry’s Modern Algebra and the Rise of Mathematical Structures?

  2. (Not sure this comment posted the first time;  sorry if this is a repeat.)  I was wondering if you were aware of Leo Corry’s Modern Algebra and the Rise of Mathematical Structures?  Corry provides a very carefully cited and detailed discussion of the changes in contemporary algebraic theory that led up to the development of Category Theory.

    • Jon Awbrey says:

      Thanks for the reference.  I was not acquainted with that and will definitely look into it as I continue this inquiry.  The notion I had was to trace links between mathematical and philosophical uses of categories that are not normally noted in either field.

      By the way, any relation to I.N. Herstein?

      • “any relation to I.N. Herstein?” – Not in any meaningful sense.  Some members of my family have done a bit of genealogy and there do not appear to be any connections with I.N.’s family line (which I believe is from Czechoslovakia) for at least 5 generations back.  However, on the list of ironies:  I moved to Chicago within a year of his death and took my classes in Abstract Algebra at DePaul from his ex-wife (Barbara Cortzen.)

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