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Zeroth Law Of Semiotics • Comment 1

New discussions of the so-called “Liar Paradox” have broken out at several places on the web in recent weeks (1) (2) and these always bring to my mind at least a number of critical ways in which the Peircean paradigm … Continue reading

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Zeroth Law Of Semiotics

Meaning is a privilege not a right. Not all pictures depict. Not all signs denote. Never confuse a property of a sign, just for instance, existence, with a sign of a property, for instance, existence. Taking a property of a … Continue reading

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Pragmatics, Enthymeme, Rhetoric, Semiotics

Re: Peirce List Discussion • Kirsti Määttänen Aristotle’s approach to rhetoric is one of the bridges to Peirce’s pragmatism.  It treats forms of argument that “consider the audience”, in effect, that take the nature and condition of the interpreter into … Continue reading

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These are the times that try men’s soles

You see, even though back then Barack was a Senator and a presidential candidate … to me, he was still the guy who’d picked me up for our dates in a car that was so rusted out, I could actually … Continue reading

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Choices at one level of freedom depend on enabling or prerequisite choices being available at more basic levels of freedom. A situation of Pseudo-Choice is created when you offer people a choice at a high level of freedom without ensuring … Continue reading

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Modus Dolens

A yet innominate mode of inference has become so frequent in certain quarters that the time has come to fashion a suitable name for it. The scheme of thought in question goes a bit like this: If A, then B. … Continue reading

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