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That Aristotling Town

The man’s reputation for dualing exceeds him. It’s a mode more the eyebeam of the beholden. Western wayfarers will claim him their founder, But they founder on the way his meta*physick Straddles the narrow straits of their harbor. Jon Awbrey … Continue reading

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Adrift on the oceans of memory I touch on an isle of solidity And try to plant my feet — But only push off back to sea.

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Ask Meno Questions • Chrysalis

Chrysalis Memories of being held       In closely knit spheres And guided beyond the orbits       Of childhood fears Entrusted with a word       That rustles in a breath And warrants respect for       The not yet beautiful In Honor of My Parents’ Golden … Continue reading

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Our Ship Of State❢ Behold Its Wake❢

O Speech Divine — You touched our hearts, You stirred our minds. But when we brush the tears away And turn our faces toward the day, We beg of you but one thing just: Look Homeward, Angel, Look Home — … Continue reading

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Light in the Clearing

I will keep returning to my core values. I will keep speaking from the center of my experience. Disorder all around me? — What does it matter? As long as there is order in my mind, As long as my … Continue reading

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i wax impressionistic

would that i could be starting something new ~~~ but there is all of this unfinished business – – and so many threads spin out from this point – – the endeavor toward a functional integration of logic and information … Continue reading

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Forgive me, Author, for I have signed A sign that forges your original sign — How I miss the indelible mark of thine!

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