Charles Sanders Peirce, George Spencer Brown, and Me • 16

Re: Conceptual GraphsGary Zhu

I’m quite confused on why people are interested in Laws of Form.
What is LOF trying to do? Is it just rewriting logic or is there
something more fundamental. e.g. a universal algebraic system?
What does GSB has to do with DNA, or DNA computing?
What does Lou’s work in topology has to do with GSB?
What does GSB’s theory has to do with knot theory?
What does GSB’s theory has to do with quaternions?
How can GSB’s theory be used for designing circuits?
What’s wrong with Frege?

Dear Gary,

I am deep in the middle of other work right now, but here’s a smattering of resources relevant to the relation between Peirce’s logical graphs and Spencer Brown’s calculus of indications, at least so far as the core subjects of boolean functions and propositional calculus are concerned.

As far as the extension to relations and quantification, I start from where Peirce started in 1870 and follow up several of his more radical ideas, ones he himself did not fully develop.  That is what I’m doing on the 1870 Logic of Relatives thread.



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