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In his first post on this thread Jon clearly says that [minimal negation operators] were developed from Peirce’s alpha graphs for propositional calculus and that he has even outlined the history of this early development in a previous series of posts.

Dear Imran,

Welcome to the List and heartfelt thanks for your appreciation of my contribution to it.  I’m just a person who goes to sleep every night and wakes up every morning with sundry issues in Peirce’s work in the forefront of his mind.  It has been that way — no doubt with less persistence at first, there were other demands and diversions in the early days — since I chanced on Peirce’s work my first year in college and right up to the present time when my inquiries into the consequences of his work literally pervade my dreams and days.

If you’ll excuse my anecdotage, it took me nine years to complete my Bachelor of Arts — demands and diversions were abundant — matriculating first in Math and Physics, taking a break in Communication Arts where I tilted with Aristotle, at long last mustering out in a cross-cultural-cultivating radical-liberal arts college with a concentration I created myself in “Mathematical And Philosophical Method”.  The cornerstone of that first year and the capstone of my senior thesis, “Complications of the Simplest Mathematics”, compass the dark night and the dawn’s light of my Peirce Decade One.

Well, I’ve run out of time for now …
I’ll continue this memoir tomorrow …



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