Relations & Their Relatives • Discussion 18

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Re: Category TheoryMorgan Rogers

So a “sign process” would be a subset L \subseteq O \times S \times I \times T, where T is a time domain?

There are a couple of ways we usually see the concept of a sign relation L \subseteq O \times S \times I being applied.

  • There is the translation scenario where S and I are two different languages and a large part of L consists of triples (o, s, i) where s and i are co-referent or otherwise equivalent signs.
  • There is the transition scenario where S = I and we have triples of the form (o, s, s^\prime) where s^\prime is the next state of s in a sign process.  As it happens, a concept of process is more basic than a concept of time, since the latter involves reference to a standard process commonly known as a clock.

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