Differential Logic, Dynamic Systems, Tangent Functors • Discussion 2

Re: Cybernetic CommunicationsSU

One thing that interests me here is the relation between narratives and navigation.  Navigation has to do with how we move through actual state spaces while narratives are the tales we tell about past adventures and what we may have learned from them by way of guiding future ventures.

Navigation has its local (individual, immediate) and global (general, ultimate) aspects but it tends to lose its point if it does not keep at least one eye to present business.  Purloining a paradigm from physics it keeps watch over the bearings of local and global purposes on each other with instruments analogous to differential and integral calculus.

Narratives, in contrast, inhabiting as they do the semiotic plane of signs and symbols, have a tendency to detach themselves from the matter at hand, to become autonomous, to create worlds of fantasy all their own, and even to spin altogether out of control.

So we have to watch out for that …


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