Charles Sanders Peirce, George Spencer Brown, and Me • 9

Re: Boundary Logic

A wider field of investigation opens up at this point, spanning the diversity of interactions among languages we use, and systems of signs in general, to the thoughts ever streaming through our heads, to the universes we talk and think upon, from Plato’s Heaven to Gaia’s Green Earth to the Tumbling Galaxies Beyond.

The complexities in play when we consider a domain of Signs, a domain of Ideas, and a domain of Objects all wound up in relationship to one another is what Peirce’s “semiotics” or theory of sign relations is all about.  Viewing the enterprise of logic within the broader frame of semiotics not only gives us more insight into its means and ends but affords us more “elbow room” for carrying out its operations.

To make a long story short, we don’t have to “escape language” because we don’t live inside any language or system of signs, even if we get so confused sometimes as to think we do.  We live in that wider world of reality and only use languages and other systems of signs to describe what little we can of it.

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