Charles Sanders Peirce, George Spencer Brown, and Me • 3

Re: Laws of Form

There are a number of “difficulties at the beginning” that arise here.  I’ve been trying to get to the point where I can respond to James Bowery’s initial comments and also to questions about the relation between Spencer Brown’s imaginary logical values and the development of differential logic.

The larger issue I see at this point has to do with the relationship between the algebra and the arithmetic of logical graphs.  Peirce came right up to the threshold of discovering that relationship several times in his later work on existential graphs but never quite pushed it through to full realization.  It was left to Spencer Brown to bring it to light.

The relationship between Primary Arithmetic and Primary Algebra is discussed in the following article.

The other issue has to do with my using a different \mathrm{J_1} than Spencer Brown.  I believe I even called it \mathrm{J_1}' in the early days but eventually lost the prime as time went by.  As far as I can remember, it initially had to do with negotiating between the systems of C.S. Peirce and Spencer Brown but I think I stuck with the variant because it sorts the types of change — modifying structure and moving variables — into different bins.

See also the discussions at the following locations.

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