Definition and Determination : 11

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The subject of determination comes up from time to time.  Here is a link to an assortment of excerpts I collected back when I was first trying to understand the meaning of determination as it figures in Peirce’s definition of a sign relation.

Looking back over many previous discussions on the Peirce List, I think the most important and frequently missed point is that concepts like correspondence and determination in Peirce refer to triadic forms of correspondence and determination, and that these do not reduce to the dyadic structures that are endemic to the more reductionist paradigms.

In this more general perspective, the family of concepts including correspondence, determination, law, relation, structure, and so on all fall under the notion of constraint.  Constraint is present in a system to the extent that one set of choices is distinguished by some mark from a larger set of choices.  That mark may distinguish the actual from the possible, the desired from the conceivable, or any number of other possibilities depending on the subject in view.


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