Inquiry Live and Logic Live

Prompted by observations I had been making over a long period of time about the problems of fragmentation and increasing insularity in web communities, and inspired in part by discussions I had been having with Michel Bauwens of the Peer2Peer (P2P) Foundation, I started a project a few years back that was intended to explore architectural solutions to these problems while developing a body of useful content in the process.

As I reflected on the architecture that might be demanded by the task, at least to make a good beginning at organizing the available resources, it took on the shape of an elliptical orbit, with content nodes revolving about two ruling foci, called Inquiry and Logic, respectively.

Still exploring the possibilities of architecture and information in parallel, I created two focal wiki pages called Inquiry Live and Logic Live.

The Live bit indicated a couple of design goals I had in mind at the time — an emphasis on inter-activity and the use of animations to illustrate proofs in logical graphs.  I ramified the Logic focus by developing a syllabus of logical topics and then I mirrored and interlinked the whole structure across a number of wiki sites, regarded as peer installations.

Well, you know how it goes, I got pulled away by the exigencies of life and unfinished business in other areas, so it’s been Spring of 2010 since I had much chance to work on things there.  To make a long story short, our recent animadversions on Boole, Frege, and Peirce did have the beneficial side-effect of leading me back to that niche of the web and upgrading the content, formatting, and links.  So be invited to take a gander if you’re into any of those things.

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