Inquiry Into Inquiry • On Balance

\begin{array}{l}  \texttt{The spirit of inquiry comes from the heart.}\\  \texttt{Where it lives there's no need to force it.}\\  \texttt{Where it's dead there's no way to argue it}\\  \texttt{into being -- it demands an external shock}\\  \texttt{or an internal quake, a sense of anharmony}\\  \texttt{to kick-start it back to the realm of life.}\\  \texttt{But don't underestimate the persistence of}\\  \texttt{a static status quo to insulate its static}\\  \texttt{atmospherics from all hope of resuscitance}\\  \texttt{by all the available routines of authority,}\\  \texttt{parochial isolation, not to say xenophobia.}\\  \\  \texttt{-- Also Sprach 0*}  \end{array}

Everyone knows what it means to have obstacles to overcome or events to understand and how we go hunting for whatever action, model, or theory will do the trick.  Other times we have a scheme or theory all ready in mind — like a key we try on every door we find.  It is not unusual to shift from one stance to the other, perhaps many times a day, and even the most balanced among us may pass through phases of life exploring the extremes in one direction or the other.  Luckily if all too painfully, an inward sense of disharmony or an outward clash with reality will nudge us back to center, if we but pay the due attention.


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