Theme One Program • Discussion 3

What I’m doing this summer …

Eighteen years living in the same place and we blissfully forgot what it takes to pack up a house and find a new one.  Thankfully most of the renovation work is done but it’s looking like it will be August before I get my head above water.  Just bits and snatches of time till then …

The main functional test for me is getting a fully running version that works on the sorts of examples I stored at Google Drive.

There’s a sample of commenting I started — just barely started — at this place.

There’s a lot that could be done with the interface, especially making it more visual, displaying the graphical data structures, etc.

There’s hand-generated examples of “animated proofs” in the cactus graph variant of the CSP–GSB calculus at this place.

There’s discussion of those examples here.

And it would be wonderful to automate those eventually.

That’s all for now …

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