All Process, No Paradox • 4

Thus began the Days of the Bliss of Valinor;
and thus began also the Count of Time.

Tolkien • Quenta Silmarillion

While looking for something else on the web, I ran across an old note I had written in reply to an inquiry on the Conceptual Graphs List, and it seemed to express one of the points of the present thesis in a fairly clear fashion, so here’s the part I found fit to revive.

Time Representation

A point of view arising from fundamental physical considerations makes the concept of Process more fundamental than the concept of Time, since references to a time parameter are simply references to a process taken as standard, in other words, a clock.

We can always develop another “naive physics”, natural language “tense logic”, or implicit psychological theory of time, and maybe that’s all we need in particular settings, but if we push for a deeper logical analysis of timed processes themselves then we need a logical framework capable of dealing with relations between systems which undergo changes in their properties, as described by logical statements.

That is the impulse motivating Differential Logic.  As it turns out, Peirce’s way of doing logic, especially in graphical form, is naturally adapted to dealing with change and difference in logical form.


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