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Re: Ontolog ForumAlex Shkotin

As we both like digraphs and looking at your way of rendering, let me share my lazy way of using Graphviz on one of the last pictures produced.

This is a picture of a derivation tree (aka AST) for the text of four statements of context-free grammar of some kind.  It is important that this is a digraph with ordered children, and nodes have some attributes.  In your case attributes are \texttt{sign}, \texttt{code}.  In my case attributes are:

  • node id,
  • nonterminal,
    • for syntactic nonterminal:  rule id used for derivation,
    • for lexical nonterminal:  value taken from text.

Dear Alex,

Many thanks, the Graphviz suite looks very nice and I will spend some time looking through the docs.  I kept a few samples of my old ASCII graphics, mostly out of a sense of nostalgia, but I’ve reached a point in reworking my Theme One Exposition where I need to upgrade the graphics.  My original aim was to have the program display its own visuals, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be the one doing that.  Visualizing proof requires animation — I used to have an app for that bundled with CorelDraw but it quit working in a previous platform change and I haven’t gotten around to hunting up a new one.  At any rate, there’s a sampler of animated proofs in logical graphs on the following page.


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