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Re: C.S. Peirce • Relatives of Second Intention
Re: Laws of FormLyle Anderson

Here Peirce is confusing Truth and Falsity with Good and Evil.  The Creator of the Universe (CotU) created Truth and Falsity when He drew the First Distinction.  The Universe started with Bet (2) not Aleph (1).  What was the First Commandment?  Do NOT eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Good and Evil are many levels of abstraction away from True and False.

Dear Lyle,

Thanks for making that observation.  I had seen what Peirce did there, too, and it’s one reason I saw him as making an allegorical or parabolic use of felix culpa at that point, since I know he knows his Scripture too well to imagine it anything but intentional.  Read in that spirit Peirce is inviting us to contemplate a particular form of distinction — a threshold between an immersive state of being and a reflective stage of critical thought.

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