Animated Logical Graphs • 58

Re: Laws of FormLyle Anderson
Re: Brading, K., Castellani, E., and Teh, N., (2017), “Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2017), Edward N. Zalta (ed.).  Online.

Dear Lyle,

Thanks for the link to the article on symmetry and symmetry breaking.  I did once take a Master’s in Mathematics, specializing in combinatorics, graph theory, and group theory.  When it comes to the bearing of symmetry groups on logical graphs and the calculus of indications, it will take careful attention to the details of the relationship between the two interpretations singled out by Peirce and Spencer Brown.

Both Peirce and Spencer Brown recognized the relevant duality, if they differed in what they found most convenient to use in their development and exposition, and most of us will emphasize one interpretation or the other as a matter of taste or facility in a chosen application, so it requires a bit of effort to keep the underlying unity in focus.  I recently made another try at taking a more balanced view, drawing up a series of tables in parallel columns the way one commonly does with dual theorems in projective geometry, so I will shortly share more of that work.


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