Charles Sanders Peirce, George Spencer Brown, and Me • 12

Re: Laws of FormDirk Baecker

Thanks to James Bowery for inviting me to this group.  Maybe it is not exactly what I am looking for, since I am interested in a sociological reading of LoF.  Which means that I am searching for a mathematics more akin to semantics than to physics.  I am still not sure whether in this respect LoF is a wonderful metaphor to understand basic features of an oscillating communication or whether chapter 11 opens up possibilities to compute semantic values starting with imaginary states.

Dear Dirk,

Thanks for this comment and all the links.  I’ve been working along the lines of Peirce’s logical graphs and Spencer Brown’s calculus of indications in parallel since those heady early days of the late 60s and Peirce’s semiotics or theory of triadic sign relations is very much a piece of how I understand both.  In that light I’ll feel encouraged to share bits of that along with my work on LoF — and now everyone knows who to blame!  😉



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