The Difference That Makes A Difference That Peirce Makes : 29

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\begin{array}{l}  \texttt{We are called to recall Peirce's deeper meanings}\\  \texttt{of ideas like Form (think Platonic Ideas and the}\\  \texttt{way Aristotle compounded Form and Matter).  When}\\  \texttt{we come to Sentiment, by any other word, Feeling,}\\  \texttt{that is the medium of Aesthetics, which concerns}\\  \texttt{Beauty in no merely skin-deep sense but all that}\\  \texttt{embodies and manifests `the admirable in itself',}\\  \texttt{thus every form of life worth living.  So Peirce}\\  \texttt{stands the normative science of Logic on grounds}\\  \texttt{within the pale of Ethics and fixes the sight of}\\  \texttt{Ethics on the prize Aesthetics picks to steer by.}  \end{array}

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