Inquiry Into Inquiry • Discussion 6

Re: Mathstodon • Nicole Rust

Computations or Processes —
How do you think about the building blocks of the brain?

I keep coming back to this thread about levels, along with others on the related issue of paradigms, as those have long been major questions for me.  I am trying to clarify my current understanding for a blog post.  It will start out a bit like this —

A certain amount of “level” language is natural in the sciences but “level” metaphors come with hidden assumptions about higher and lower places in hierarchies which don’t always fit the case at hand.  In complex cases what look at first like parallel strata may in time be better comprehended as intersecting domains or mutually recursive and entangled orders of being.  When that happens we can guard against misleading imagery by speaking of domains or realms instead of levels.

To be continued …

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