Differential Logic • Discussion 16

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Re: Laws of FormLyle Anderson

Thanks for posting this.  Particularly the Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems.
It appears this is part of the trail to connecting Forms with Tensors.  Heim has already connected Tensors to Intelligence (artificial or “natural”) and there is a current body of work making the same connection. ☞ Smart Tensors

Thanks, Lyle, that’s more or less the right ballpark.  From my perspective differential logic is the qualitative substrate of differential geometry and the “intelligence” part would come into play when we make the leap to information geometries.  But that’s another inning, if not another season.

It is common in practice to find two different ways of approaching the field, the way of tensors and the way of differential forms, a division I suspect goes back to the divergent methods of Newton’s fluxions and Leibniz’s differentials.  We do have to integrate the two approaches over the long haul but it makes for a smoother start to begin with differential forms, in large part because they bear more of the relevant information “on their sleeves”, as the saying goes.



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