Differential Logic • Discussion 7

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Re: FB | Pattern Languages for Systemic TransformationSteve Kramer

Can differential logic be described using category theory?  To what other logical or mathematical modalities does differential logic relate?  Give an example.  Partial credit will be given.

Dear Steve,

The ultimate category-theoretic generalization of the functional derivative in calculus and the tangent vector in differential geometry is called a tangent functor.  Finding the proper logical analogue of a tangent functor is the main business of my essay on Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems.

But that’s a lot to take in at once so over the years I’ve written a number of easier pieces to work up to it more gradually.  The first intuitive inklings of the subject are provided by the following overture.

The following series provides a more systematic treatment of substantial issues.


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cc: FB | Differential LogicLaws of Form

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