Logical Graphs, Truth Tables, Venn Diagrams • 4

All we are saying is give Peirce a chance

Re: Laws of FormJohn MingersLyle Anderson

Dear John, Lyle,

I’ve seen too many ways of interpreting and implementing If‑Then‑Else clauses to know what any one person or processor means by them until they give me the truth table they have in mind, so if you write out the truth table you like for them I’ll be able to work with that and say something more definite about it.

More importantly, once we get the full power of Peirce’s logical graphs, Spencer Brown’s calculus of indications, and the extensions to cactus graphs and differential logic in gear we’ll find there are better, clearer, more efficient ways of handling Boolean Expansions and Case Analysis and more generally applying propositional logic to real problems.

Here’s the NKS Forum link again:

The anchor post of that series used to have a file attached with the full set of cactus graphs for propositions on three variables … but it looks like the file was not preserved.  There’s a couple of links to other copies below.



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