Riffs and Rotes • Happy New Year 2021

Apart from their abstract beauty, Riffs and Rotes are structures I discovered while playing around with Gödel numberings of graphs and digraphs.  To my way of thinking they bear a deep connection to the mathematical infrastructure of logic.  Here are the Riff and Rote for 2021.

\text{Let} ~ p_n = \text{the} ~ n^\text{th} ~ \text{prime}.

\text{Then} ~ 2021 = 43 \cdot 47 = p_{14} \cdot p_{15} = p_{2 \cdot 7} \cdot p_{3 \cdot 5} = p_{p_1 \cdot p_4} \cdot p_{p_2 \cdot p_3}.

Riff 2021

Riff 2021

Rote 2021

Rote 2021


cc: CyberneticsOntologPeirce ListSeqFanStructural ModelingSystems Science

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