The Difference That Makes A Difference That Peirce Makes : 2

Re: A Flash From The Past ⚡⚡⚡

My mind keeps flashing back to the days when I first encountered Peirce’s thought.  It was so fresh, it spoke to me like no other thinker’s thought I knew, and it held so much promise of setting aside all the old schisms that boggled the mind through the ages.

I feel that way about it still but communicating precisely what I find so revolutionary in Peirce’s thought remains a work in progress for me.

Many readers of Peirce share the opinion that there is something truly novel in his thought, a difference that makes a critical difference in the way we understand our thoughts and undertake our actions in its light.  The question has arisen once again, just what that difference might be.

So I’ll make another try at answering that …

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