Definition and Determination : 3

Re: Rafe Champion

Where to begin? Perhaps in the middle …

In the early 90s — having spent a quarter of a century acquiring a Bachelor’s in “Mathematical and Philosophical Method”, a Master’s in mathematics, and a Master’s in psychology — I returned to grad school in a Systems Engineering program with the aim of “capstoning” or “unifying the manifold” of unfinished projects that I had begun in the years gone by.

My study of Peirce went back to my freshman year in college, so many of my pet unfinished projects involved the development and extension of his ideas in one way or another. The application to grad school asked for a statement of my current interests. I wrote out an eighty page essay, of which I submitted 20 pages plus a 20 page bibliography, being what I considered the more settled part of the overall vision.

That would be here …

That may provide some indication of what I still regard as worthy goals, but of course few people will ever read much of that, so I’ll make the old college try to succintify it as we go.



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