Cybernetics • Regulation In Biological Systems • Discussion 3

Re: CyberneticsFaisal L. Kadri

Maybe it will help to say a few things about the way forward …

I’ll be getting back to Ashby’s text directly — it’s still the best guide I’ve found to the rudiments of cybernetics and the underlying logic of developing systems.  Once we’ve laid down a stable platform of basic ideas we’ll be equipped to explore many directions of application, extension, and generalization.

As far as the future goes …

The way I see it, scientific inquiry is a cybernetic process carried on at every scale from individual inquirers to whole communities of inquiry.  That’s the way forward for me, but it’s still a ways to go.


  • Ashby, W.R. (1956), An Introduction to Cybernetics, Chapman and Hall, London, UK.  Republished by Methuen and Company, London, UK, 1964.  Online.

cc: Cybernetics • Ontolog (1)(2) • Structural Modeling (1)(2) • Systems Science (1)(2)

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