Basal Ingredients Of Society • Comment 7

Re: Diane RavitchHelp the ACLU Sue the State of Nevada to Stop Vouchers

Vouchers are a tool for injecting a viral species of market dynamics — the dynamics of private individuals competing in a zero-sum game for individual commodities — into a sphere where those dynamics are out of place and where they are ultimately destructive.  That is the sphere of cooperative, public, social institutions that must rise above the myopia of short-term private interests if they are to sustain themselves over the long haul of history.

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3 Responses to Basal Ingredients Of Society • Comment 7

    • Jon Awbrey says:

      To which I added —

      Yes, that and the fact that parents of school-age children at a given time are not the sole stakeholders in public schools, so why should their vouchers outweigh all other votes as to what sort of schools we should have?

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