Peirce’s 1870 “Logic Of Relatives” • Intermezzo

This brings me to the end of the notes on Peirce’s 1870 Logic of Relatives I began posting to the web in various online discussion groups a dozen years ago.  Apart from that there are only scattered notes and bits of discussion with others I archived on the InterSciWiki discussion page of the collateral OEIS Wiki article.

I rushed through my last few comments a little too hastily, giving no more than sketches of proofs for Peirce’s logical formulas, and I won’t be reasonably well convinced of them until I examine a few more concrete examples and develop one or two independent lines of proof.  So I have that much unfinished business to do before moving on to the rest of Peirce’s paper.

But I’ll take a few days to catch my breath, rummage through those old notes of mine to see if they hide any hints worth salvaging, and then start fresh, raveling out the rest of Peirce’s clues to the maze of logical relatives.

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7 Responses to Peirce’s 1870 “Logic Of Relatives” • Intermezzo

  1. I came in toward the end of your epic notes J.A. Congratulations upon your revision of & testament to Peirce’s opus of logic.

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