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How Did It Come To This?

What brought us to this pass is the simple fact that too many people who take the most good from operating in a civilized, democratic, educated society have chosen not to pay for the goods they receive. These people harbor … Continue reading

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The Prime Movers of Disaster Capitalism

☠ Obscenely Rich Corporations (ORCs) ⇒ Corporate Owned Governments (COGs) ⇒ Mercantile Engineered Social Starvation (MESS) ⇒ Corporate Owned Biosphere Wasting Earth’s Bounty (COBWEB)

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The Big Picture

Scientific knowledge will not save the world if it remains in the brains and blogs and journals of scientists and makes no impression on people in general, policymakers, and the powers that be. Reflections on recent discussions too numerous to … Continue reading

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Knowledge Workers of the World, Unite❢

Comments on Gowers’s Weblog Post 1. What’s wrong with electronic journals? Comment 1.1 Having spent a good part of the 1990s writing about what the New Millennium would bring to our intellectual endeavours, it is only fair that I should … Continue reading

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