Ontologies As Systems • Comment 1

Re: Ontolog ForumJoseph Simpson

The reason I’ve been maintaining an interdisciplinary perspective in my postings to the Ontolog Forum, Structural Modeling, and Systems Science groups is because each one stresses a distinct but necessary aspect of a systems approach to scientific inquiry.  I see much potential to be had in integrating these views of the inquiry process, but it will take a lot more thought and work to fully develop that potential.

The feature that jumps out at me as I scan the discussions on this thread — and I’ve said this before about most of the discussions of systems I’ve seen in these groups — is the static nature of the pictures of systems people are laying out.  Whereas, for me, my whole reason for taking up a systems approach to inference, information, inquiry, along with the symbol systems we use to conduct their transactions, is to tease out the shape and flow and dynamics of their transformations.

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