Differential Logic, Dynamic Systems, Tangent Functors • Discussion 5

Re: Systems ScienceJS

Yes, all these strands are strongly entangled.

I had already spent a full decade wrestling with the works of Charles Sanders Peirce and George Spencer Brown before my need to figure out what they were talking about in the way of logical graphs and math in general drove me to the extremes of enrolling in a graduate math program.  I found much diversion and measures of enlightenment there but soon encountered questions I just had to know the answers to.  One of my office mates suggested I devote some effort to developing a theorem prover to assist with the task.  Theorem provers in those days were so primitive everyone we knew was hacking out their own, so that is what I set to.  Naturally I turned to my previous tillage of logical graphs as a seed bed for my system.

To be continued …


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