Differential Logic • Comment 1

Re: Gil KalaiPivotal Variables

Just a tangential association with respect to logical influence and pivotability.  I have been exploring questions related to pivotal variables (“Differences that Make a Difference” or “Difference In ⟹ Difference Out”) via logical analogues of partial and total differentials.

For example, letting \mathbb{B} = \{ 0, 1 \}, the partial differential operator \partial_{x_i} sends a function f : \mathbb{B}^k \to \mathbb{B} with fiber F = f^{-1}(1) \subseteq \mathbb{B}^k to a function g = \partial_{x_i}f whose fiber G = g^{-1}(1) \subseteq \mathbb{B}^k consists of all the places where a change in the value of x_i makes a change in the value of f.


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