Charles Sanders Peirce, George Spencer Brown, and Me • 4

Re: Laws Of Form Discussion

Two things that had a big impact on my studies of Peirce and Spencer Brown over the years were my parallel studies in mathematics and computer science.  In the overlap between those areas came courses in logic, mathematical linguistics, and the theory of formal languages, grammars, and automata.  My intellectual wanderings over a nine-year undergraduate career would take me through a cycle of majors from math and physics, to communication, psychology, philosophy, and a cross-cultural liberal arts program, then back to grad school in mathematics.  The puzzles that Peirce and Spencer Brown beset my brain with were a big part of what drove me back to math, as I could see I had no chance to work them out without learning a lot more algebra, logic, and topology than I had learned till then.

To be continued …

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