Time, Topology, Differential Logic • 6

Re: Peirce List Discussion • ETJFSJAJBD

Let me see if I can get back in the saddle on this topic, the dormitive virtues of tryptophan and a few pounds added notwithstanding.

I was addressing the following question from Jeffrey Brian Downard:

I wanted to see if anyone have might suggestions for thinking about the analogy between:

  1. mathematical models of the differentiation of spaces starting with a vague continuum of undifferentiated dimensions and trending towards spaces having determinate dimensions
  2. models for logic involving similar sorts of dimensions?

How might we understand processes of differentiation of dimensions in the case of logic?

By way of review, here are my blog posts on the discussion so far:

  • Time, Topology, Differential Logic • (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

We can now get back to preparing the ground required to tackle Jeff’s question.


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