Peirce and Democracy • 1

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In my mind the connection between Peirce and Democracy has long revolved around the concept of representation.

Representation in its semiotic sense has to do with signs that represent pragmatic objects to agents and communities of interpretation.

Representation in its political sense has to do with forms of government that address the res publica, the public concern, through elected representatives who represent, hopefully, the good will and the best information of the public at large in their stations at the rudders of the ship of state.  Here the twin senses of representation converge on the common root meaning of the words cybernetics and government.

I have written a lot about this twofold sense of representation over the years but weeks of watching “The Death of a Nation” on TV have left me too dispirited to say any more on the subject.

I did happen on a recent blog post that seems to fit here:

The question for our day remains —

  • What are the forces that distort our representations of what’s observed, what’s expected, and what’s intended?
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  2. Poor Richard says:

    >> What are the forces that distort our representations of what’s observed, what’s expected, and what’s intended?

    Cognitive biases, implicit associations, magical thinking, false narratives, identity politics, etc….in other words human nature and the exploitation thereof by the 1%, via mass media, education, political corruption, etc. in order to divide and rule…among other things.

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