Time, Topology, Differential Logic • 4

Re: Peirce List Discussion • JFSJA

Trying to understand inquiry and semiosis in general as temporal processes is one of the things that forced me to develop differential logic as an extension of propositional logic, for which I naturally turned to Peirce’s logical graphs as a starting point.
Yes, that’s another path to explore.  For any version of logic, it’s important to determine what kinds of problems it can express and what solutions it can facilitate.  What useful stories or Gedanken experiments can you explain in terms of it?

A first try at answering this question might well begin by reflecting on the analogous question in the quantitative realm:

  • What kinds of situations does the differential and integral calculus serve to describe and what kinds of solutions does it help to facilitate?

Differential logic is simply the qualitative analogue of the differential and integral calculus.  Both are called upon as we pass from the description of static situations to dealing with changes, differences, and transformations among multiple situations, those that occur in different modes of being or through different points in time.


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