Time, Topology, Differential Logic • 1

The clock indicates the moment . . . . but what does
eternity indicate?

Walt Whitman • Leaves of Grass

Re: Peirce List Discussion • ETJFSJA

Trying to understand inquiry in particular and semiosis in general as temporal processes is one of the forces that drove me to develop differential logic as an extension of propositional logic, for which I naturally turned to Peirce’s logical graphs as a starting point.

It might be thought that an independent time variable needs to be brought in at this point, but it is an insight of fundamental importance that the idea of process is logically prior to the notion of time.  A time variable is a reference to a clock — a canonical, conventional process that is accepted or established as a standard of measurement, but in essence no different than any other process.  This raises the question of how different subsystems in a more global process can be brought into comparison, and what it means for one process to serve the function of a local standard for others.  (Reference 3)


  1. Differential Logic : Introduction
  2. Differential Propositional Calculus
  3. Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems
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