Pragmatic Maxims • 4

Re: Peirce List Discussion • (1)(2)

I haven’t been able to do more than randomly sample the doings on the Peirce List for the last half year, being deeply immersed in other Peirce work that I hope to report on one of these days, but Jon Alan Schmidt’s remarks on the Pragmatic Maxim drew me back in for a bit.  He recited one of the places where Peirce declares the role of the Pragmatic Maxim in giving a rule to abduction, a point often missed by many of the most careful commentators.  There are aspects of the Pragmatic Maxim that come more naturally to engineers, workers in the applied sciences, therapeutic professions, and other practical categories than they do to specialists in spectator philosophies.  But I have lost track of that direction for the moment.  No doubt the occasion will arise again …


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